Doug Jones AO

Doug Jones is a leading international commercial and investor-state arbitrator and an International Judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court.

Doug is widely endorsed for bringing "in-depth knowledge regarding construction-related issues." He is known as "an effective chair-arbitrator who is always in full command of the proceedings." WWL Thought Leaders Global Elite – Arbitration 2023

Janet Walker CM

Janet Walker is an independent arbitrator who, for more than twenty years, as has served as sole, presiding, and co-arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc arbitrations in over a dozen seats.

Janet is an outstanding academic and arbitrator. I highly recommend her in-depth commercial arbitration expertise.” WWL Thought Leaders – Arbitration 2022

The Hon James Allsop AC

The Hon James Allsop AC is now available as an arbitrator, mediator, chair of inquiries and legal expert.

James’ expertise includes company law and business and partnership disputes - taxation, restrictive trade practices (anti-trust), patents and intellectual property with specialties in insurance, intellectual property, maritime law, and insolvency - and public and constitutional law, equity, and common law, in particular professional negligence of auditors, solicitors and insurance brokers.


Sydney Arbitration Chambers contact: 
D: +61 2 9066 7952
M: +61 408 119 339

Atkin Chambers clerking contact:
+44 (0)20 7404 0102 (UK)
+44 (0)7979 850434


2nd ITA Conference on International Arbitration in the Mining Sectors

7 March 2024

Professor Janet Walker, CM will participate in the 2nd Edition of the ITA Conference on International Arbitration in the Mining Sector. She will be engaging in a panel discussion about the 'Top 5 Developments In International Mining Arbitration'.

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TLC Tax and Equity 8th Annual Seminar

22 March 2024

The Hon James Allsop AC deliver the Toongabbie Legal Centre 8th Annual Tax and Equity Seminar on 'Taxation and Words: Meaning, Categorisation and Characterisation in Statutes and under the Commonwealth Constitution'.

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32nd UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres

4 - 6 April 2024

The Hon. James Allsop AC will participate in a panel on 5 April 2024 at the 32nd UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres in London. The topic is 'How Mediation Successfully Became an Integral Part of the Dispute Resolution System in these Speakers' Countries'.

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Commercial Arbitration in Australia Under the Model Law

The Third Edition is an annotated section-by-section guide to domestic commercial arbitration legislation in Australia under the uniform commercial arbitration Acts. It provides analytical commentary on the growing body of case law applying the Model Law in Australia and around the world and gives practical guidance on matters such as the interpretation of arbitration agreements.

At the Sydney Launch on 22 June 2022, Chief Justice Allsop of the Federal Court gave an address on the possibilities which may arise from the development of a bespoke commercial law of Australia and a view of arbitration and Australian courts as symbiotic. Professor Janet Walker CM also spoke about the development of the framework for domestic arbitration and Georgia Quick, the President of ACICA delivered a welcome. A link to the recording of the Sydney Launch can be found here.

The Melbourne Launch was held at Melbourne Law School on 29 June 2022, featuring addresses by Professor Richard Garnett and Professor Janet Walker CM, touching upon issues such as the relationship between domestic arbitration and the Model Law for International Commercial Arbitration.

At the Melbourne Law School, Professor Doug Jones AO also delivered the 2022 Sir George Turner Lecture on the topic ‘Australia – The Very Model of a Modern Arbitration Law’. A recording of Doug’s lecture is available here.